St Martin's Island

St Martin's Island



(Todd Gray and Sue Jackson )


St Martin's Island

The fire of 28 October 2016 was the single most destructive incident in the centre of Exeter since the Blitz seventy-five years ago. 
Two buildings were destroyed, another three were seriously damaged and the fire has harmed a great number of adjoining properties.
Exeter's initial reaction was shock and a sense of loss.  Almost immediately it was followed by an awareness of the fragility of these ancient structures with a corresponding greater interest in, and appreciation of, the city's historic buildings. 

This detailed study has tried to show how the buildings in St Martin's Island developed. It includes many images people will not have seen before and the tremendous research has revealed some amazing features readers will find fascinating and of great interest.  

Price £15.00
Published by The Mint Press
Supported by Historic England

Authors Todd Gray and Sue Jackson
ISBN: 9781903356715
Full colour throughout - Fully illustrated (Over 211 illustrations,including photographs, drawings,and paintings)
192 pages
Paperback Size: 280 mm x 220 mm

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