Victorian News From Totnes

Victorian News From Totnes

(Todd Gray) £4.99

(Pocket sized A6 format. 96 pages.
ISBN 1-903356-16-4 )

Short original news reports which recounted events and everyday life in Totnes to the outside would including notes on weather, fires, the annual Races, meetings of various local government officials, happenings on the river including report of salmon caught and the regularity of the steamer service to Dartmouth, and the celebrations on the 5th of November, at Christmas and New Year. Some reports were more sombre such as the notes of the justice meted out to those accused and found guilty of crime, he continual concerns over sanitary conditions and the incidence of disease, and a report in 1972 regarded an attempt to establish a union of shoemakers. There were also curious reports; a drunken ventriloquist was accused of disrupting a chapel service and there was a serious, but odd, trycycle accident at Bridgetown

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