Exeter Unveiled Exeter Unveiled
(Todd Gray)

paperback 17HARDBACK EDITION £24.45

(Hardback ISBN 1-903356-25-3
Paperback ISBN 1-903356-26-1 )

A surprising collection of 270 unpublished and unknown historical images of Exeter from 1662 to 1949 which introduces a number of artists who were previously unknown and reveals aspects of the city's historical which have been unsuspected. These paintings, drawings, sketches and one map challenge those who know the city by offering fresh views of the past - familiar places are seen in unfamiliar guises. The collection includes images of existing and lost buildings, a number of views along the river Exe , a series of caricatures of local people in the 1860s and 1870s and sketches of the city in 1949 at a time when it was adapting to life after the Blitz but before its great redevelopment.


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