Exeter Remembers the War

(Todd Gray) £14.99

(Published 2006 size 178mm x 248mm
337 pages including black and white photographs some maps and a comprehensive index
ISBN 1903356415)

Exeter Remembers the War, Life on the Home Front. 

This is a follow up book to Exeter in the 1940s. It is Exeter seen through the memories of more than 200 people who lived in the city during these key years.

Rationing, the arrival of more than 10,000 evacuees, refugees and the American servicemen, blackout, the clash of the Blackshirts at the start of the war and the bombing of the city are all discussed.

These memories unveil unsuspected aspects of the city's history including seregation of the black and white American troops.

It reveals the lives of ordinary people living through extraordinary times.

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