EXETER ENGRAVED - The Secular City

EXETER ENGRAVED - The Cathedral, Churches, Chapels and Priories
(Todd Gray) £15.00

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( ISBN 1-903356-08-3)

A collection of several hundred topographical images of religious building of the city. The majority are engraving but other types of prints, notably lithographs are also included as well as drawings of some buildings not engraved.

The subjects include exterior and interior views of the Cathedral, the churches of All Hallows (Goldsmith Street), All-Hallows-on-the-Walls, Emmanuel, the Holy Trinity, The Sacred Heart, St David, St Edmund, St George, St John, St Lawrence, St Leonard, St Martin, St Mary Arches, St Mary Major, St Mary Steps, St Matthew,  St Michael, St Pancras, St Paul, St Sidwell and St Stephen, the chapels in Bedford Crescent, of St John, St Loyes, St Mary and St Michael, Livery Dole, the Cathedral Close including the Vicars' Choral, and the priories of St Katherine and St Nicholas.
Many of the images are rare and have not been reproduced since they were originally printed in the 17th, 18th and 19th centruies.

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