The Devon Almanac [Todd Gray]

The Devon Almanac  

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( Published in 2000, 224 pages. ISBN 1-903356-01-6 )

The Devon Almanac; being a compendium, selection, or gallimaufry as some may think, in a calendar form of those events in the county's history considered to be the most notable, and of other incidents which by their very nature will be seen to be considerably less illustrious, if not completely obscure, achieved through the actions of the great and the good, as well as of others who were less so favourably inclined, forming a storehouse of varied historic facts from the earliest times up to the modern day all of which have been extracted from the manuscript and printed records of the county of Devon judiciously mixed together with admirable advertisments from some of the county's most distinguished mercantile establishments offering quality goods and superior services not to be matched or surpassed in the modern market place.

An unusual book which has attracted a dedicated following. A dip-in book which has proved to be very popular.

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