Witchcraft in Exeter 1558- 1660

Witchcraft in Exeter 1558 - 1660

(Mark Stoyle)

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Witchcraft in Exeter 1558- 1660

The ancient city of Exeter is the last place in England where people are known to have been hanged for the alleged crime of 'witchcraft'. In this book, Mark Stoyle tells the stories of some of the unfortunate men and women who were denounced to the city magistrates as 'witches' between 1558 and 1660: the period during which the great majority of English witch-prosecutions occurred. Following the progress of each case from accusation, to imprisonment, to trial, to ultimate sentence and, sometimes, all the way up to the gallows itself the book sheds powerful new light on occult belief in Tudor and Stuart Exeter, and on the dark, uneasy world of the urban 'witch'.

PUBLISHED by THE MINT PRESS 10th November 2017
AUTHOR-: Mark Stoyle
ISBN: 9781903356708
Price 8.00
80 pages including full index and 1 map of Exeter.
Size: 210mm x 148mm

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