The Vikings in the West Country

The Vikings in the West Country

(Derek Gore) £16.00

(ISBN  9781903356654 Published in 2015, 208 pages, 177mm x 249m)

Illustrated with 4 maps, in excess of 25 plans and drawings, and in excess of 55 black and white photographs.

This book is the first to bring together and analyse the Vikings in the West Country. It covers both the First and Second Viking Age, conquest, the fall of kingdoms, raids , hoards, metalwork, stone sculptures and place names. It provides from Dorset to south-western Cornwall a great sense of how the Vikings contributed to the diversity and the development of the West Country, “Wessex” and England.

It will appeal to general and academic readership.  As you are a ware there is a great interest in this period and this book fills the gap.

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