The Lie of the Land (Robert Wilson-North)

The Lie of the Land

(Robert Wilson-North) £13.99

(ISBN 1-903356-22-9 )

Country houses, parkland and restored gardens - these are the classic images that make us think of ornamental landscapes. This book looks at the subject in a challenging and different way. It uses archaeological techniques to explore many aspects of the designed landscape. In doing so it reveals how rich the West Country is in these places and how much more there is to discover. As usual, archaeology brings us to places that never made it into history books as well as some forgotten aspectof those that did.

In The Lie of the Land a series of experts in their field present recent archaeological discoveries and challenging ideas. The book is well illustrated with over 50 photographs and line drawings.

This book will appeal to all those with an interest in garden history, local history, landscape studies and archaeology.

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