Towers and Bells of Devon

Towers and Bells of Devon

(John Scott, Frank Mack and James Clarke) Special Price - £55.00 for set (Free P&P)

(ISBN 9781903356500 (for the set) Size 2450mm x 2800mm each volumes 770 pages in total, published  5th January 2007)

John Scott, Frank Mack and James Clarke.

This is a new history and survey of the church towers of Devon, their architecture,their bells and their clocks, and of the bell-founders, the bell-hangers and ringers of the county. The last comparable work was published nearly 140 years ago. Details of some bells in other buildings is included and of bells and buildings no longer in existence. The account of the history of Westcountry bell-founding from the 14th to the 19th century, mostly previously unpublished. It includes extracts from parish records and incredible detail of the 3000 bells of the county - dimensions, weights, and inscriptions.

The book is highly illustrated with black and white photographs of many bells and towers, also 39 plates showing plaster-casts of the crosses, lettering, foundry-marks and decorations from Devon bells.The authors are authorative experts and well known throughout the county, South West and the UK.

This is a must for all with a professional or personal interest in any aspect of the subject matter. It is now the standard reference work on the subject.

The books are sold in a two volume set (we regret individual volumes are not available) It is a small print run and initial demand has been extraordinary.It is not expected that there will be a reprint.

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