Kings, Lords and Warriors

Kings, Lords and Warriors (A Novel)

(Derek Gore)  £8.00

reprinted Sept 2008

(ISBN 9781903356623 Paperback - Novel 347pages, Size 170 x 110 mm.)

This authors second historic novel ( a sequel to Isca, The Fall of the Roman Empire) set in Devon and Cornwall in particular Tintagel, Launceston and Exeter. Other action includes Sidmouth and the river Teign and the hillfort at Denbury. It is set in the Dark Ages when the Roman Empire is still a memory and includes murder, kidnapping, vicious armed gangs and a love story. The central character being Victoricus, grandson of the hero of Isca. Very suitable for schoolchildren and students studying the period.

Derek Gore-:
Is a leading specialiston the historical archaeology of the South West. This book is based on years of University teaching and academic research. Derek Gore is one odf the most popular and enthusiastic speakers to continuing education classes and local groups in the area. He has recently retired after a successful career in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Exeter. His other publications include  The Vikings in Devon ( Mint Press concise history series book) and his first novel Isca, The Fall of the Roman Empire (Mint Press  published 2006 and reprinted 2008)

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