ISCA, The fall of Roman Exeter by Derek Gore (A Novel)

ISCA, The fall of Roman Exeter (A Novel)

(Derek Gore)  Sadly this book has sold out again and is currently out of print but you may like to buy Derek Gore's sequel to this book Kings Lords and Warriors.

reprinted Sept 2008

(ISBN 1-903356-43-1 Paperback - Novel 320 pages, (includes one map). Size 170 x 110 mm.)

A lively fast-paced story of the life in the West Country as Roman rule disintegrates in the early 400s. Victoricus, his family dead, is caught in a power struggle between rival chieftains and Irish raiders. His fight for survival brings him to ISCA (Exeter), through the Isc and Taen valleys (the Exe and Teign) and to Uxella (Seaton). He find adventure, and love ...... About the author:- Derek Gore lives in Dawlish and is one of the leading specialists on Roman Devon, ISCA is based on years of University teaching and academic research. Derek Gore has earned a reputation as one of the most popular and enthusiastic speakers in continuing education at the University of Exeter. ISCA is his first novel.

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