How Old is Exeter? - Divining the past with W G Hoskin

How Old is Exeter? - Divining the Distant Past with W G Hoskin

(Peter Wiseman ) £5.00

(ISBN 9781903356661 Published 15th Feb 2016, 48 pages, 210mm x 148mm)

How do historians deal with periods for which no documentary evidence survives? W.G. Hoskins was a great historian, but he never claimed to be an expert on the ancient world. Nevertheless, in Two Thousand Years in Exeter (1960, revised ed. 2004), he assured his readers that Exeter was already a thriving commercial centre long before the Romans came. Why did he think so? And was he right? Peter Wiseman explores and examines this throughly in this interesting book adding to our understanding of Ancient Exeter.

Timothy Peter Wiseman FBA usually publishes as T.P. Wiseman and is known as Peter Wiseman in other sources, is a classical scholar and professor emeritus of the University of Exeter. He has published numerous books and articles, primarily on the literature and the social and political history of the late Roman Republic, but also the mythography of early Rome and Roman theatre. He was Professor of Classics at Exeter from 1977 to 2001, and head of the department until 1990. He was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1986 and served as its vice-president in 199294. In 2004, Peter Wiseman's book The Myths of Rome won the Goodwin Award of Merit from the American Philological Association and was nominated for the British Academy Book Prize. His latest books are The Roman Audience (2015) and Julius Caesar (forthcoming).

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