Looting in Wartime Britain

Looting in Wartime Britain

(Todd Gray) £9.99

(ISBN number 1-903356-58-6)

240 pages, fully illustrated with 37 black and white photographs of people, places and documents
Size 210mm x 140mm
Publisher -: The Mint Press
Published 1st Oct 2009

This new fascinating book will have broad national appeal to anyone with an interest in wartime, social or local history. Scholarly but readable.

Looting took Britain by surprise in the summer of 1940 and it continued throughout the war. The shock was replaced by anger and outrage as looting accompanied the German bombing of cities across the country. It intensified as many looters were revealed to be in positions of trust. Todd Gray uncovers diverse reasons why it took place and with careful research provides evidence to support this uncomfortable aspect of the past. It is part of our history that hurts but to ignore it is to diminish a generation’s struggle against fascism.

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