We started the business at the beginning of 2002 to take up the opportunity of becoming the sole book distributor for The Mint Press. We work very closely with Todd Gray of the Mint Press and often accompany him on his various talks and lectures.

Since 2002 we have expanded the new titles we distribute to include other publishers including The Friends of Devon’s Archives.

We have also taken on the selling of some remainder books for the Devon and Cornwall Record Society and the Devonshire Association. These titles offer readers a great opportunity to purchase more specialist books of an academic nature at bargain prices.

All the books we sell keep to two major themes of “local studies” and “historical interest”.

There were a number of things that impressed us about The Mint Press books and that made us want to sell their books.

Innovative. The books are different. They offer readers an opportunity to access subjects that other publishers have not attempted to bring to print, i.e. Blackshirts in Devon, and include many previously unpublished illustrations or reference material.

Quality. The books are printed with high production values and careful thought is given to the design and format. The covers are particularly striking. Readers will appreciate the accuracy of the research and referencing. The Mint Press has established a well deserved reputation for quality and has built a loyal customer base.

Range. This is phenomenal and there is something that will be of interest and delight everyone who either knows or wishes to learn more about Devon and Cornwall.

Value for Money As you would expect, because of the quality the books are not all at the cheapest end of the local books spectrum but we consider them to be competitively price when one considers the research; time and care taken in ensuring customers get a top class book that maintains the reputation of The Mint Press Look out for any special offers we may offer from time to time.

Accessible. Reading the books from The Mint Press we were struck by how easy they are to read for people interested in history at all levels from beginner level to scholar. Some you will find yourself “dipping “into regularly, others will be avidly read cover to cover.

Local. We are very keen that the businesses involved in all stages of production are in Devon or Cornwall, and this predominately applies to the books we distribute. We work in partnership with both the large book retailers and the small independent bookshops whenever possible (and books can always be ordered through them), although we are sure everyone will accept that direct selling through a website is a modern business necessity to maximise sales.

The more sales achieved the greater the benefits to the local economy.

We are located in Exeter and although we do not have a bookshop we can easily arrange to meet you if you wish to collect a book direct from us.

Books from The Mint Press have been called “scholarly but readable”. We hope you will enjoy them and those of our other publisher’s on offer through this website.

We give you a commitment to provide a first class service and to ensure you are delighted with your books. We value your business and hope you will return to us many times in the future. We welcome your feedback and comments to us on any aspects relating to our service or the books.

Best wishes and enjoyable reading, Keith Stevens, Stevensbooks.

PS Part of our work uses these businesses:

Printers of all the Mint Press books - Short Run Press    www.shortrunpress.co.uk

Designers of book covers and typesetting of some books especially Art of the Devon Garden and Devon's Ancient Bench Ends   www.topicsdesign.co.uk

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